Brearley Bear's Christmas Collectibles

25 November 2023 to 7 January 2024

This year young fans of Brearley Bear can find a series of collectable trading cards at participating venues. In total there are 30 cards to collect featuring Brearley and his friends, including Penistone Pony, Greno Goat, Fulwood Frog, Loxley Fox and many more!

When children collect 10 cards, they can claim a special limited-edition collector's tin. 

Collect all 30 and be in with a chance to win a family trip to Lapland next Christmas (or a £2,000 Sheffield City Centre Gift Card).

This is a FREE activity and there is no purchase necessary at participating venues.


Is Brearley Bears Christmas Collectibles a festive trail?

This year’s activity is different to the typical eight-venue trail that we have operated in the past.

To provide more flexibility for visitors, this year we’ve designed a collectable card game for children.

So whats involved this year?

There are 30 different Brearley Bear & Friends character cards (like Pokemon or Top Trump cards) for children to collect, treasure, or swap with friends.

There’s no trail map to collect, and no complicated App. It’s simple to join in, you just need energy and a sense of fun.

Do we need to collect all 30 cards?

Not at all. Children can collect as many (or as few) as they want. When a child collects at least 10 cards, they can claim a special edition collector’s tin. 

Collect all 30 and be in with a chance to win a family trip to Lapland next Christmas (or a £2,000 Sheffield City Centre Gift Card). Terms and conditions apply.

When are these cards available to collect?

Participating venues will each host a collectible card between Saturday, 25 November 2023 and Sunday, 7 January 2024 (whilst stocks last).

Where are the 30 cards located?

You can easily spot where each collectable card is by looking at every store/venue window in the city centre.

And to help people with small children plan in advance, we've prepared a list of participating venues grouped by location. See parent's planner below.

You’ll need to head to each venue and ask in-store to claim the card. 

Do we need to complete the activity in a day?

You may decide to have some family fun in a single day by seeing how many you can find and collect, or plan your trip over several days/weeks. Or, you can simply pick up the cards you need for a full set whenever you’re in town between 25 November and 7 January. 

Do children receive a free gift this year?

When a child collects at least 10 cards, they can claim a special edition collector’s tin.

We’ll be bringing Brearley's Collectibles back at different times of the year (such as Easter and Halloween) so the collector’s tin will be a nice keepsake to store current and future collectable cards.

How / where do we claim the collector's tin?

These are available from Hotel Chocolat on Fargate for the duration of the activity (25 Nov - 7 Jan).

Santa's Study on Fargate will also have a supply of these between 25 Nov and 24 Dec (it's also open as a Visitor Hub 27 Nov - 15 Dec between 10am and 3pm which will be a quieter time to collect).

Simply show your 10 cards to staff in store at Hotel Chocolat, to the Elves at Santa's Study or another member of staff during Visitor Hub opening times.

Is there a cost to participate?

No. Just your time and effort in collecting as many of Brearley Bear’s Christmas Collectibles as possible 😊

What times are participating venues open / are they open 7 days a week?

Opening times may differ from venue to venue. A few don’t open Sundays (which would include Christmas Eve as that’s also on a Sunday). 

We've done our best to highlight these in the published list of locations: see the parent's planner below.

Parent's planner

There are 30 cards to collect at 28 participating venues across Sheffield city centre. You'll find window displays identifying places where you can pick up a Brearley Bear Collectibles card.  To help parents locate these easily and/or plan a day's activity or a specific route, we've put together a "cheat sheet" guide. This highlights the parts of town, the venues and their opening hours as well as a pointer on where to collect cards from at each venue.

Download it here... (if you need a different or more accessible format, please email

Parents guide to Collectibles venues 07122023.pdf

Handy map

Venue locations have also been mapped here. Click here for Google Maps

Do I need to enter the prize draw?

No, that's completely optional.

Look out for these window posters between 25 November and 7 January.

 Happy collecting!

Once you've collected all 30 cards between 25 November 2023 and 7 January 2024, enter our prize draw here.